Tom Royall
Brighton Maths Tutor

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My name is Tom Royall and I'm a maths tutor based in Letchworth
Brighton! I'm an experienced and friendly former secondary school
maths teacher and tutor.
I immensely enjoy teaching one-to-one, and students and parents find
me highly effective. I've taught privately over many years, and had
extensive contracts for one-to-one work at many schools in Letchworth
and, most recently, a 6th form college in Brighton (Kings).

Students often struggle with maths at school because of
misconceptions that are particular to them, and difficult to
rectify in a whole class setting, and which lead to the student
losing confidence. One-to-one tuition can be an excellent way to
address these misconceptions. and enable the student to re-connect
with their enjoyment of the subject.

As a psychology graduate (before studying maths
at university level), I have a fascination with how students themselves
will approach a maths problem, and I'm good at allowing them to
explore and develop their own ideas. I find they almost always have
energy and enthusiasm for, say, a ratio or algebra problem, if
they are allowed to explore it with cuisinaire rods or other
easily accessible symbols.

Also I use written teaching materials, some of the best of which
happen to be past test papers. I also have some of my own
A-level resources (see opposite).

Direct enquiries from schools and colleges welcome.


Students tend to enjoy the sessions.

I can usually help with literacy, music and science topics, as well.

I'm happy to supply references, and an enhanced DBS disclosure.

Half price if qualifying for free school meals.

I teach the following levels:
Primary, Secondary, GCSE, A Level (AS, A2 and Further),
IB Diploma (SL, HL).
Price is £30 per hourly session,

or coming to you, anywhere in Brighton.
GCSE one-to-one (YouTube)

A-level one-to-one (YouTube)

Other resources

A level mechanics: interactive!

funky! Balloon Calculus